MEKATRON ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS is a new player in providing products and services to the manufacturing industries that require complete solutions on processes specializing on special project for test systems, test handlers and interfaces in semiconductor manufacturing, electronic assembly and industrial electronics. We provide concept designs to our business partners to promote mutual benefits that will be a win-win solution on both stakeholders without sacrificing the quality and maintaining our core set of values.
MEKATRON ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS is a single proprietorship founded in 2010, operating in the Philippines with support from it’s business partners in Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia. Mekatron Engineering Solutions is formed by individuals who merged their expertise to develop this business that has grown so fast since its was conceptualize years ago by serving small key players, groups, enthusiasts, clubs and other organizations initially. Now as a full pledge company, it has penetrated corporate accounts to provide services such as cable assembly and printed circuit board fabrication design.


MEKATRON ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS  will be the premier provider in the Engineering industry that will establish strong partnerships with our clients,  committed with ethical business practices and conformance to customer satisfaction.


We work with three (3) ears, we work with a heart.
We always find solutions based on customer requirements.


To provide an innovative solutions in any need from the engineering industry based on specific customer requirements, with cost advantage and quality workmanship.


To be the leader in providing engineering solutions in any industry and be the customer’s number one choice.